Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Live Report: Pedro's Return

It was game two of my AT&T Park Mets experience and the boys almost made up for the previous night by thrashing Barry Zito for 5 runs in 4.1 innings. It was music to my ears when the boos came out as Mr. Zito left the field in the 5th. Man, am I glad we didn't pick this guy up when he was out of contract. I always knew he was overpriced, but I never thought he'd get this bad.

SIDE NOTE: Does anyone else remember when Zito was first making a name for himself with the A's and everyone was like, "He's the cool baseball player. Yeah man, he plays guitar." What?! This guy is as lame as they come. Okay, not Scott Spiezio lame, but close. [Yes, I know I've linked to that Scott Spiezio (Sandfrog) music video before, but go watch it and tell me I shouldn't find a way to link to it in every post.] I've read articles about Zito's general coolness and his excellent music taste. He talks about playing guitar on stage with Eddie Money (this would be cool if it was on "Shakin'" or "Baby, Hold on to Me" or something like that, but it was on "Two Tickets to Paradise," dice, Barry) and how he knew about John Mayer before everyone else. And John Mayer ain't winning you any points over here, my friend. So yes, I'm absolutely delighted he's 1-12 or whatever it is now.

SIDE NOTE 2: Speaking of music, I'm declaring now that Ray Durham has the best at bat music in professional baseball. The man walks to the plate with Rappin' 4-Tay's "Player's Club" playing over the PA. Can anyone top that? If so, I have yet to hear it.

Back to the game...Pedro did not disappoint in his first start since early April. He wasn't dominant in any way, but there were flashes of the old Pedro--the ability to get out of jams, a fastball reaching 93mph, and a little dance on first base after knocking in a run with his second (!) hit of the game. I couldn't ask for more in his first start in 2 months. Nice to have you back, old man.

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