Monday, May 4, 2009

Mets Mustache Greats #5:

Years with Mets: 1992-93

I always liked Eddie Murray when I was a kid. He seemed like some sort of distinguished elder statesman with that mustache of his. I later heard that he was kind of a dick, but what do I care? I didn't have to hang around with him in the clubhouse. He was only with the Mets for two years, but they were both quite productive. I'd say 1993 was actually a pretty great season for Eddie--100 RBI, 27 HR, .285 avg (or something like that...these are all from memory). I also believe he hit his 400th homerun as a Met, becoming the first mustachioed Met to do so. Okay, I made that last stat up, but it's probably true. Here's to you, Eddie Murray.

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