Friday, May 29, 2009

Music: Lenny Randle & The Universal Language

We are currently making an effort to unearth all of the Mets-related musical endeavors, and there's a good chance we have discovered the Rosetta Stone. Known more for a few specific (and sometimes controversial) incidents, Lenny Randle is exactly the reason this blog was created. He and fellow ballplayer Thad Bosley decided to independently fund a recording session in 1983 and later release a four track 7". It had gone almost entirely unnoticed until now. All four songs have recently been released on the People's Potential record label on a 7" entitled Ballplayers EP.

I won't be responsible for a record review as it seems kind of unnecessary. There's a link below to an mp3 from the record in order for people to form their own opinions. Just keep in mind that this is the same guy who both punched his former manager in the face and got down on his knees during a game in an attempt to literally blow the ball foul.

Listen to "Universal Language" here.

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