Tuesday, June 9, 2009

86mets.com: a man with a mission

86mets.com is in the midst of a pretty rad project. Brad, who runs the site, is attempting to get every member of the 1986 Mets' 25-man postseason roster to sign a ball for him. He's off to a good start, having nabbed Ed Hearn and Randy Niemann, among others. The site chronicles the whole process with updates on each player and the story of how he got the autograph.

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Wasko said...

Thanks for the props, dude. Just got back from SF where I saw Kevin Mitchell. And added some good clips (digitized the '86 Mets Celebration Video--what a gold mine!) Love your blog, by the way. There was a great "in the booth" tonight in the bottom of the seventh where Gary and Keith were talking about tighty whiteys... classic.

Anyway... thanks again for the link.