Friday, September 25, 2009

All Mets Fans Should Wear Blue to Citi Field

Found this over on MetsBlog. Sounds like a great idea. Not only does it add to the stadium atmosphere, but it promotes the idea that blue (not black, as New Shea and alternate jerseys would have you believe) is our primary color. Check it out:

"Next season, I’d like to see every Mets fan who attends Citi Field wearing a blue shirt… nothing but blue… wear a blue Mets jersey, where a generic blue t-shirt, a blue jacket, this Mets jacket, whatever… but make it blue… this way, Citi Field will get the splash of blue paint it is sorely missing.

Cardinals fans wear nothing but red to games, like this, creating a powerful, cohesive sea of Cardinal Red in every corner of the building… I think it would be equally powerful if we did the same with blue in Citi Field.

Why? Well, earlier in the season, I was talking with someone high up in the Mets organization, who said, “Blue and orange are fine for the uniform, but they’re kind of tacky for the ballpark,” which would explain the buidling’s overusage of gun-metal grey.

So, if every fan in Citi Field wore blue, we could at least take some control of how the ballpark looks.


Why blue and not orange? I have a feeling more people already own blue shirts… from looking at the team store, Modells, etc., it seems like there are more shirts available in blue than orange."

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