Wednesday, April 18, 2007

He's still at it...

Damn you, Mr. Redlegs! Why must you taunt me so? First you exist only as a logo. Then I must cope with the fact that you inhabit three dimensions and breathe the same air as us mere mortals. And now you have your own blog? When will it end?

I still love Mr. Met with all most of my heart. His keen sense of humor has brought us many wonderful SNY commercials...but why do I get the feeling the Mr. Redlegs spots on Fox Sports Ohio (or whatever they call it) are about 10x funnier and 100x more dapper?

I know there are still doubters out there who don't understand the power of the mascot and/or mustache. Here's all I have to say--the Reds are in first place. We're not. You do the math.

1 comment:

Ryan said...

There is something very unnerving about Mr. Redlegs eyes. I want to think maybe he just got into Josh Hamilton's stash, but I fear there is more to his hypnotic gaze. Like the mustache isn't lure enough.