Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Minor League Milledge Mustache Memorandum

Though I have no photographic proof (this is an old one on the left), I have it on good authority that Mr. Lastings Milledge was sporting a mustache before being sent down to the minors. Not too much of a shock, as he has been known to do this previously. This had all the makings of a brilliant move. If he'd been given more than a handful of at bats, the new mustache would have surely jump started his batting average. And there's no better way to get on Willie's good side than to grow out the ol' soup strainer...or so we thought.

I know, I know, we all knew this was coming. They needed to make room for Pelfrey, and Milledge was the obvious choice to go down to New Orleans for some much-needed plate appearances.

I just wish that Willie would have looked at the bigger picture here, and not this "five-man rotation" concept he's trying to force. Let's look at the numbers here, friends. Fifth man in the rotation? He shows up once every six days. Another mustache in the clubhouse? That's influence 24-7. Invaluable.

And speaking of the five-man rotation...what gives? This currently sits at #3 on my list of gripes with the Mets, right between (#2) their obvious lack of respect for the blue caps and home pinstripes, and (#4) the dearth of foam fingers at Shea. I've been pushing for a four-man rotation for years. If my little league team was able to run a three-man all season, I don't see why the pros can't make it with four. Laugh at me now, but whoever jumps on this idea will clean up down the stretch. How much you wanna bet the Reds are running a four-man rotation by the break?

Anyway, back to Lastings. Well done, son. We could use more like you. "A" for effort.

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