Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mark Fidrych, RIP.

I'm about a week behind on this, but I'm currently unemployed and thus operate outside the normal constraints of space-time to which you normal people are subject. Things like "days," "sleeping in," "laziness," "aren't you going to get off the couch today?"...these are all concepts that you people with jobs have created so you can feel better about your sad, structured, self-supporting lives. Anyway, cut me some slack. I posted it, didn't I? Jeez...

Recently, Mark "The Bird" Fidrych passed away. Yes, I know that he was neither a Met, nor did he have a mustache, but he did kinda rule. He had the kind of personality that is distinctly lacking in the current Mets squad, and in baseball in general...and he was really good before his career-ending shoulder problems.

I just wanted to celebrate a guy who brought a little something extra to the game. I wanted to celebrate him by linking to someone else's celebration of his career. This video I found (been doing a lot of that I said, no job at the moment), is from 1985 and is a little "where are they now" piece on a pretty awesome-looking show hosted by Steve Stone. Not surprisingly, Mark is a pretty entertaining guy even in retirement...and he starts talking about Magnum P.I. at about 5:30. Enjoy.

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