Sunday, April 19, 2009

You Can Have It All: 8x10 of John Maine +1

Each week we scour Ebay to bring you the finest Mets memorabilia the internet has to offer...

This week we've unearthed a rare gem--an 8x10 "studio" photo of John Maine with an unidentified man in a Mets uniform. I'm not really sure what the photographer's motivation was for this shot. John seems to be going for a somewhat intimidating pose, while his cohort is working the more laid back vulnerable angle. On paper, this sounds like a terrible idea, but as you can see, they really pulled it off. It's completely natural. The two conflicting approaches really play off each other.

Note from the seller--"This item is not autographed. That is your job, perfect for ballgames and trade shows." Agreed. It is the perfect photo for when you run into John Maine and unnamed Met standing together and signing autographs before the game.

Advice: Act now! There are only a few hours left on this one and it's currently at $2.99. Play it carefully, and bail out if this hits $150.

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