Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mets Mustache Greats #7: Vince Coleman

Years with Mets: 1991-1993

One of the fastest mustaches to ever grace the base paths at Shea Stadium, Vincent Van Go never enjoyed higher than a fifth-place finish while with the Mets. Though his playing time was limited while in Queens (72, 71, and 92 games played in three years), he was still exciting to watch when he was in the game. His 162 game average for stolen bases in 1991 was 83.25. That's pretty remarkable for a guy on the decline. Compare that with Jose Reyes best year (79.98 SB avg per 162 games), or Rickey Henderson's best Met season (49.53 SB avg per 162 games).

We all know that stolen bases equal exciting baseball, and exciting baseball equals wins...which equals...no better than 5th place in three years with Vince Coleman...wait a second...something is wrong with my math here...hmm...no supporting cast...that's it. Okay, I've got it. If Coleman would have played more games and had some support behind him, he would have 200+ stolen bases and we would have had those three early 90s World Series titles we were all expecting. Case closed.

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