Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wally Backman needs a promotion

Found this audio of Wally Backman ripping his team apart after their first loss of the season. Gotta love this guy. This is the fire that won us a championship in 86. Still looking for similar audio of Jerry Manuel.

[Caution: Back when I used to work, this would have qualified as NSFW...I'm not sure how general office decorum has evolved in the last six weeks, so play at your own risk.]

[Thank you Mets Today]


dwrightneedstogrowamustache said...

awesome!! this shows how what the players and coaches say in the mlb are controlled. yeah, i want either this guy or bobby v managing the club next year.

John U said...

I love it! I'm fired up to succeed.

MeetTheMatts.com said...

What the Art Howe are the Mets waiting for?! Make CitiField Wally World!!!

www.MeetTheMatts.com said...

Not to mention that he's always had a stache!