Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fan Art: Rivalry Collaborative

"Rivalry in 3D: X-axis, Y-axis, and Time" by Unknown Artists (2009)

I found this piece located outside the Men's Room of a well-known asbestos litigation firm in Manhattan, once again proving you never know where you're going to find great fan art.

It began approximately three months ago when our unknown artist marked the wall with the concise and debatable declaration, "Mets #1." It appeared to be a harmless piece of graffiti as it stayed untouched for a month and a half. Then, the unkown collaborator stepped in and added "suck" after "Mets" and "Yanks" in front of "#1," simultaneously insulting his foes and declaring the greatness of his own team. Simple--some might say obvious--but undeniably effective. Again, the piece sat untouched for a month and a half. Much to my surprise, on my way to the bathroom this morning, I found that unknown artist #1, after weeks of careful planning, issued his response by abandoning his original statement and turning unkown artist #2's words to his advantage: "Yanks Suck." Brilliant. Artist #1 could have played this several different ways. For example, he could have simply crossed out "Yanks" and "Suck" or inserted "^don't" and "^aren't." But let's face it--it's getting harder and harder to defend "Mets #1," but "Yanks Suck" will forever be an undeniable truth.

Expect an update on this collaborative piece of fan art in the next several weeks. Artist #2 is expected to fire his next shot in this ongoing slogan war sometime around July 23rd.

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