Friday, June 12, 2009

Music: Mets Plate Music

There was a time when we wanted to do a segment that pitted the Mets against their opponents in terms of plate music. We ended up abandoning this idea for two reasons--1) we don't attend enough home games to really keep tabs on what songs the Mets players are currently using, and 2) after attending a number of Giants games, it became clear that the Mets would get their asses handed to them by a large majority of NL teams in any sort of competition involving plate music.

So we were very excited when we discovered this video from 2007 in which the Mets explain their choices of plate music. And our theory about them being on the bottom end of the league in this category still holds up.

• Metallica has to easily be the most popular band among white baseball players.
• Jeff Conine is actually pretty funny.
• David Newhan must have the worst taste on the team. Favorites include Tupac, Dre, Alice In Chains and Pearl Jam. So basically he likes two of the worst genres in existence--bad pop-rap and grunge.
• I take that last one back. Shawn green has the worst taste on the team. His favorites--Song 2 (now I love Blur as much as the next guy, but the last thing any North American sporting event needs is another round of this clunker), Audioslave, Metallica, Dave Matthews Band, and John Mayer. This reads like a set list for my own personal hell. But Shawn does win points for being the only player who will sing a song.
• Moises Alou is a badass--no batting gloves, no plate music.
• Rickey Henderson is an "MC Hammer guy," "2 Legit 2 Quit" to be specific. This is completely awesome. He still sticking by that guy.
• HoJo still rules.

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