Wednesday, July 1, 2009

In The Booth

In which we peer into the minds of our beloved SNY commentators with a random quote from a recent game...

Keith: Oh my goodness.
Gary: Do you think that's real or is that a wig? What do you think?

I think it's real and it looks like Bert Lahr. You've got to have C-Courage!
Gary: I think the family of Bert Lahr would be greatly insulted by that.
Keith: (laughing)
Gary: I think that if it is real, it took him a long time to cultivate that. (long pause)
Cora drew a walk at the start of the game and scored in front of Wright's home run
and now Burns behind him 2 and 0.
Keith: He's got to have a natural curl to that hair of his, too.
Gary: Yeah, I don't think you can do that with a curling iron. (long pause)
Keith: No one is sitting behind him, you'll notice. That moss is just in everybody's way.
Gary: You wouldn't be able to see over or around him.
Keith: He looks like...I can't think...what was that guy, he was just here at Citi Field? The lead singer of Mountain?
Gary: Oh...
Keith: Leslie West.
Gary: Yeah. What was that kid from the old sitcom, Room 222? Bernie?
Keith: I vaguely remember that.
Gary: Of course back in the 60's and 70's, everybody had hair. Even me.


John U said...

Does that mean that during a previous game, Keith pointed out Leslie West in the crowd?

"Hey, isn't that the lead singer of Mountain?"

Michael said...


I am a reader of your blog daily and you actually inspired me to do my own blog. I linked to your blog and I was wondering if you can link back to me. I would be honored. Either way, I will keep my link to you guys as I am a fan, first and foremost. Hopefully, you will not take it too seriously, as I am trying to make it as funny as I can, while still telling the true story... almost!
75% True...100% of the Time

This is a blog by Michael DiCicco, a lifelong Mets fan, who has taken to the web to talk about the Mets...obviously. This blog is about my struggles, my strenuous or violent efforts in the face of difficulties or opposition, being a Mets fan. Hopefully you find it almost factually accurate, and a little bit funny.

Thanks Alot,

Mike DiCicco