Saturday, May 30, 2009

Music: The Mets + Sweet Caroline

There have been a lot of music posts lately, but I couldn't let this one slip by. An article over at MetsBlog notes that the Mets will continue to play Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline" over the PA system at every game, in a lame attempt to cultivate some sort of crowd singalong.

I have to agree with MetsBlog that this is really unfortunate. Now I've got no problem with Neil Diamond, but this the lamest, most overplayed, frat bar singalong I've ever heard (a natural fit for Red Sox Nation™, of course). Why oh why, Mets, must it be this song that you're forcing down our throats? I love a good singalong, but let's come up with something original. Even if this were Mr. Mets all-time favorite song (which there's no way it would be), it's ALREADY BEING USED BY ANOTHER TEAM FOR THE EXACT SAME PURPOSE. And not just any team, but the one team I actually may hate more than the Yankees and the Phillies.

It's strange feeling when the Mets pull things like this (which they do quite often). On the one hand, it's endlessly frustrating. On the other, I know deep down that it's things like this that make our bond so tight.


The Voice said...

Any chance we can inspire a Seven Nation Army singalong instead? It's dynamite at soccer matches in Europe and would be a unique flair (instead of biting off the Red Sox). Plus I think the Mets attract many different kinds of fans and all could agree on a song like this.

nick said...

That would be amazing. Seven Nation Army always sounds great at soccer matches, and it fits the Mets a little better than Sweet Caroline.

malarimer said...

They should just stick to Mr. C the Slide Man...

"Everybody clap your hands!
Criss Cross!
Charlie Brown!"